Ephemeral & Transitional Thresholds

Ice as drawing surface and generator of spatial typologies. This project explores the ephemeral and transient nature of thresholds.

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Immersive and transitional threshold conditions are explored in the program of an Ice-Road-Trucker training centre located in the arctic region of northern Canada.  Seeking permanence and stability in a fluid and transient environment, the Ice-Road-Trucker learns how to safely escape his truck if he falls through the ice, immersed in the cold arctic waters.  The immersive and transient architecture that structures and supports a ritual, creating a parallel experience of the Nomadic Inuit boy’s first hunt.  The Inuit’s unique relationship to architectural thresholds need not be fixed and permanent.  Both the Inuit and Modern Man exchange their architecture, respectively the clothing and the truck, for an architecture that is transient, immersive, and in a state of transition.


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