September I-Park with Architects from Open City, Chile 14 of us exploring and building ephemeral architecture followed by a symposium


PIE formed a group of 9 different diciplines to create a film for Onedotzero BFI film festival.

Recent Collaboration between David Shanks and Maya Cochrane.

Our philosophy:  Our philosophy is derived from our logo developed during our first collaboration/brain storming meeting.  We looked at weaving our ideas together to make a seamless coherent approach.  This is represented by the fact that both of us are blessed with big, curly, hairy heads.  Weaving Maya’s big curly with David’s beard is what creates the seamless design approach.

We took a simple brief of installing a partition and answered the brief by questioning the transient nature of people using collaborative space.  Our focus was on trying to embed traces of the existing users in the architectural fabric so that they may leave traces to be discovered by future users of the space.

See initial plans, sections & model for proposal:   acton street proposal – small-2

Key philosophy was that the process and the end produce must be fun and playful.  We answered this desire by filling the doors with green rubber crumb.  This rubber crumb is one of the basic elements that company pavegen uses to produce their product.  Thus embedding them in the fabric of the building.

Process pages: (coming soon)

Selection of Final Images:

Stay tuned for future collaborations as we have more interventions to create in this space.


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