Most recent is a collaboration at I-Park with performers, musicians and members from the Open City, Chile.

A Selection of recently completed projects and ones in progress.

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Currently I am embarking on the conversion of a barn in Essex, England into a contemporary family home which will cohabit with bats;

A boutique hotel in Nicaragua,

Interior design of a Noting hill house focusing on expansion of small spaces and cohabit with cats,

Small house in the Caribbean where we inhabit part of  the build site during construction,


Pavegen’s new office with a lens to the green room which offers an alternative view focused on designing a work space around creativity and collaboration.

Other architecture related projects completed recently include:

Whirlwinds Exhibition at Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL  with Atelierdomino

Interior environment design  at Simon Langton Grammar School to support the installation of Pavegen systems innovative paving slabs that generate energy when walked on.

and Interior office design for the Centre for Creative Collaboration featuring a unique pair of sliding doors that act as a time capsule for the activities occurring in the space.


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