Reflections in Architecture

Maya Cochrane is interested in exploring the ephemeral and transitory aspects of daily life.  These explorations take the form of architecture, photo documentation, instillation, collaborative work, writing, drawing and modeling.

Formally trained in Architecture at the University of Manitoba followed by the Bartlett School of Architecture, Maya’s philosophy is to operate between the thresholds of Architecture, Art, Instillation, Interaction & Design.

Currently 2013) Maya is studying her Part 3 Professional Studies at UCL, London.  I am learning all about managing the construction process, project management, contract & working with clients.

In September 2012,  Maya was a resident at I-Park collaborating with members from the Open City, Chile and other resident musicians to design and develop ideas around ephemeral architecture.

November 2011, Maya ran a workshop called Cohabitable Architecture.  This workshop is in collaboration with Animal Estates and will be held at ARUP.    Over the past year I have completed two installations with Pavegen Systems.  One was an eco-hut for bestial with an interactive dance floor and the other was the installation of their paving slabs in a school in Kent.    For more information check out Pavegen.

In 2010 an artistic collaboration with onedotzero, explored the topic of Utopia.  Follow PIE at piedotzero.wordpress.com to find out more about this collaboration.


2 Responses to About

  1. Because your blog is about ephemeral architecture I send a link to my blog about the ephemeral architecture of Black Rock City showcasing the ingenuity of the 50,000 denizens of BRC living for one week in one of the harshest environment of the USA.
    I hope you enjoy the visit.
    Philippe Glade

    • mayacochrane says:

      Thank you for your comment and apologies for the late reply. I have checked out your blog and think it is really facinating. I was actually just looking at an architectural magazine that was talking about burning man. I hope to begin dedicating more of my blog to research on the ephemeral and will begin to do so now that I have sent up a website.
      Thanks again. I will keep you on my list.


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