Zentangle Maya

img_9820 Since 2012 Maya has qualified as a british architect and on the side has begun exploring the meditative aspects of drawing and doodling without plan.  These doodles are part of a zen tangle series of various sizes and scales. Their spatial quality reflects the hand of an Architect, while their pattern and colour explore an intuitive drawing practice.  For more tiles see zentangle maya.  

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I-Park residency 2012 Participating in an Ephemeral Travesia

In September of 2012 I was invited to participate in a collective exploration into the ephemeral aspects of architecture.  This involved a 2 week residency where I participated in poetic acts and architectural interventions proposed by the 9 members of Open City, Chile, 1 video artist, 2 musicians and another architect who works with fabric formed concrete.  Together we explored and created aspects of ephemeral architecture leading up to a one day symposium where we engaged in open discussion with the public.

I instigated a blog to explore and document aspects of our travesia.  It can be viewed here:


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I-park A place of Ephemeral Art and now Architecture



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Ephemeral Architecture: A Modest Proposition

Ephemeral Architecture: A Modest Proposition

A Collaborative Symposium and Exhibition

Hosted by Ciudad Abierta and I-Park

 Edited text: 

As an outgrowth of the philosophy underlying the environmental art and Thanatopolis programs at I-Park and as an homage to the motivation behind the poetically expressive architecture of Ciudad Abierta, the symposium and exhibition will explore the concept of ephemeral architecture.

Employing the methods and spirit of the fine arts, ephemeral architecture is the physical distillation of an abstraction: a sense of intimacy or urgency, a musical or poetic phrase or gesture, a memory or a mystery.  It is an architecture of listening: to the sounds, pulses and echoes of a place.  An architecture of touching: the shape, textures and history of a space. 

What would be the marks of an ephemeral architecture?

Could architecture truly ‘submit’ to a subsidiary role in the creative process?

How do you really get artists, including writers and composers, in the mix of this process?

What’s the role of the ‘client’ within such a system?

Could, initially, special building districts be established with codes that would be sympathetic to and supportive of this practice? Could this concept seriously challenge the traditional goal of creating ‘classic’ architecture (architecture for the ages) – and if so, does it matter?  Or might this turn out to be nothing more than another trendy fringe ‘movement’ – and if so, does this matter?

Does this concept have any merit whatsoever in the realm of large, institutional complexes?  Or could these complexes benefit by a mix of ‘hard’ and ephemeral elements?

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Designing Pavegen’s new Office around ideas of collaboration

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Exploring transience in the arctic environment

Competition entry for D3 housing 2012.



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Defining “What is Architecture?”

A body of research that explores who has the power to define what architecture is.  Why a working definition may assist people in understanding what we do as Architects.  And more importantly exploring the cost of being an exhibiting artist, or across the board the cost of having your voice herd in the architecture environment.  

This project was explored over a number of months leading to the final conclusion of not participating formally in the Venice Biennale (2012).  It is an on going project which will require formating and a new form of representation to come.  To check out the initial results go to mayacochraneatthevenicebiennale.


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Exhibition at Dreamspace Gallery

Unique architectural drawings Somewhere between blindness & clarity & Another Place by Artist/Architectural designer Maya Cochrane will be exhibited at the Design 2012 exhibition. Graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture, Maya explores transitory and ephemeral moments in architecture. For more work check out http://www.mayacochrane.com and come along to the private view.

Exhibition Dates: 6 – 15 March 2012
Private View: Thursday 8 March 18:00 – 20:30

Admission Free
Opening times: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5:30pm

Dreamspace Gallery
Craftwork Studios, 3 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8NA
http://www.dreamspacegallery.org / info@dreamspacegallery.org / +44 (0) 207 562 8282

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Cohabitable Architecture Workshop

Tomorrow is the first day for the Cohabitable Architecture Workshop: Bats & People. It will be running for 4 days where we will be setting up our own independent blog to document it. I will be running this workshop with visits from Kelly Gunnell from the Bat Conservation Trust. It should be fun and explorative.

Follow how it develops at: Cohabitable Architecture.

Bats and Buildings

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